Born in Barcelona in 1930 and died in Madrid on December 26th, 2018. After starting his career as an assistant director, he made his directorial debut in 1962 with Summer Night. His career continued with titles of various kinds such as The Rash One (1964), Acteón (1965), A Love Story (1966), Canticle (1972) or La trastienda that holds the honour of having the first full female nudity of the Spanish transition to democracy. But he will be especially remembered by lovers of fantasy and horror films for two of his most celebrated works: The Legend of Blood Castle (1973) and the absolute classic Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead (1974).


Born in London in 1928 and died in the same city last November. He began his career as director of photography, a role he played in the second unit of Lawrence of Arabia (1962), which led to David Lean counting on him to take charge of photography in Doctor Zhivago, although due to creative clashes with the director he was finally replaced. His brief career in this position includes titles like The Masque of the Red Death (Roger Corman) and Farenheit 451 (François Truffaut). As a director he made his debut in 1968 with Performance co-directed by Donald Cammell. From here he went on directing a handful of titles, among them some as important as Walkabout (1970), Don’t Look Now (1973), The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), Bad Timing (1979), Eureka (1983) or The Witches (1990).


Larry Cohen was born in 1941, in Kingston, a small town north of New York City. At a young age, his family moved to the city, and he eventually majored in film at the historic City College of New York, graduating in 1963. An independent maverick who got his start in studio-based television, he is best known for inventive low-budget horror films that combine scathing social commentary with the requisite scares and occasional laughs. Some of his works are: Hell Up in Harlem (1973), It’s Alive (1974), The Stuff (1985) or A Return to Salem’s Lot (1987). He was also a major player in the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s. Later in his career, he became a sought-after screenplay writer, taking part in films as Phone Booth (2002), Cellular (2004) and Captivity (2007). He died last March in Los Angeles.

Don T Look Now
Ceremonia Sangrienta
The Man Who Fell To Earth
IN Natural The Stuff
La Maldición De Las Brujas
No Profanar El Sueño De Los Muertos Cartel