2016 · Martín Rosete · España, EE.UU. · 86 min


10th May @ 19:50 Golem Alhóndiga (Sala 1)


The pleasant evening of two well-of young couples will be disrupted by the appearance of two briefcases full of money and a mysterious neighbour who will expose the darkest side of each of them.

Martín Rosete

Martín Rosete is an award-winning Spanish film director based in New York. In 2013 he was nominated for the Spanish Academy Award (Goya Awards) and won the Melies d’Or for his short film Voice Over.

  • Director / Martín Rosete
  • Screenplay / Josep Ciutat
  • Production / Atit Shah, Martín Rosete
  • Music / Alfonso González Aguilar
  • Edition / Alex Lora, Fernando Franco
  • Cast / Kellan Lutz, Jesse Williams, Jamie Bamber, Jess Weixler, Lucía Guerrero