Sean Brosnan

Sean Brosnan studied Drama, and Poetry and has been deeply immersed in the arts since an early age. After drama school, Sean landed the role of Romeo with the British Shakespeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Soon after, Sean was cast as Cpl. Daniel Redman in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Generation Kill. Sean then went on to star in a number of films: What Dreams Will Travel (2007), My Horizon (2009), UFO (2012) and Don Peyote (2014). Having grown up in Hollywood visiting and working on movie sets, Sean has maintained critical alliances in the industry and decided to set up a production company with his wife (writer and producer) Sanja Banic. Knightmarcher was established in 2012 when Sean made his writing and directorial debut with the awarded featurette, The Kid. Sean’s insatiable appetite for filmmaking and his celerity for putting films together allowed him to write and direct 63 Lbs (2013), The Face of C (2014), and produce eight short films within a three-year period. All films were accepted and awarded in prestigious film festivals from Cannes to Rotterdam. Sean wrote, directed and produced My Father Die. Sean and Sanja are now at work on their next film.