/ FANT 23, News.

  • The festival is organized by Bilbao City Council, and within the section “FANT shorts” the Audience and Jury Awards for the Best Short Film – endowed with 3.000 € each – and the Jury Award for the Best Basque Short Film – endowed with 2.000 € – stand out.
  • One more year the Jury will bestow the Award for the Best Feature Film in the Official Selection. Besides, this Festival edition will retake the Fake Trailers Contest with two prizes of 1.500€ and 750 €. 
  • The deadline for receiving entry copies is MARCH 15th, 2017. 

On the week of May 5th – 12th Bilbao will become again the capital of fantasy film on the ocassion of the 23th edition of FANT. Bilbao City Council has announced the opening of the film submissions for the selection and the reference awards for the best short films, according to the festival jury and audience judgment, which will be endowed with 3.000€ each, and the award for the best Basque short film, endowed with 2.000 €.  

These three awards cannot be declared void and strengthen the Bilbao City Council course of action supporting new filmmakers’ work, which is also one of the hallmarks of Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival.

In addition to these prizes, FANT next edition will keep its honorary awards, that is, the Award for the Best Feature Film in Official Selection, which will be given to the director of the film, and the FANTROBIA Award, bestowed to a person who has stood as a rising figure of fantasy film genre in recent years.

Furthermore, one more year these other awards for feature films in official selection will be given: the Award for the Best Film Script bestowed by the Basque Scriptwriters Association and the Award to the most innovative director bestowed by Cine Club FAS.   There will also be given awards for the best short film and best feature film of “Panorama section”, which compiles a collection of fantasy genre films with a clear independence inclination.


The next FANT edition will recover the Fake Trailers Contest, where the goal is to create a trailer or teaser – with a maximum length of 3 minutes – of a non-existent genre film,  or at least of a film which cannot begin to be shoot before May 15th, 2017. The jury will bestow a first prize endowed with 1.500 €, and it will be the audience who will give a second prize endowed with 750 € through voting.

In every case, the deadline for receiving entry viewing copies is March 15th, 2017. Registration and submissions procedure and any other additional required information can be found in the Festival regulations in the festival website www.fantbilbao.eus